The Startling Journey of AOC: From Bartender to Political Powerhouse

1. Introduction From Bartending to Capitol Hill: The Remarkable Journey of AOC(1-300 words) Previously plying her trade in the hospitality industry, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly known as AOC, has forged a stunning trajectory in her political career. Before emerging as a prominent figure within the realm of American politics, AOC was a bartender. This article explores … Read more

Analyzing the Political Landscape through the Lens of Boris Johnson’s Strategy and Influence

Introduction: Boris Johnson – A Transformative Political Behemoth Boris Johnson, Prime – Minister of UK since July 2019, has been a transformative figure in British politics. His charistmatic presence and transparent approach to policy making has anchored him as a prominent figure in the global stage. This article will endeavor to analyze and unpack the … Read more

Youth and Politics: Igniting the Rising Generation’s Political Participation

Introduction: The Politically Engaged Youth In an era where information is just a few clicks away, young individuals are becoming increasingly aware and participative in the field of politics. This has resulted in an actionable shift, with youth activism gradually redefining the political landscape. Valuing the Voice of Youth The youth represent a significant portion … Read more